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Railings: More than just decoration for your home

How railings can provide safety and peace of mind for you and your family


Not only can outdoor railings provide just the right level of sophistication and charm to your home, they can also provide many practical safety improvements that you may not be aware of. Find out how a new railing will not only give your home a fresh new look, but can also be a practical addition to a safer home!


Protect your loved ones

Extra peace of mind goes a long way when considering our children and four legged friends. Taking this into consideration, it is important to make an investment in something sturdy and safe; after all, safety is first and foremost when building an outdoor railing. A sturdy railing will not only keep even the littlest ones safe from falling, but also provide steady support to improve accessibility for all residents and guests, making an easier to traverse, safer outdoor space to enjoy.


Defend your home

In the Florida heat, you may be thinking you are at a disadvantage when choosing material for your outdoor railing. At Moreno & Moreno, we pride ourselves in the use of quality materials, giving you choice of the best fit for your home, while knowing you are given the strongest and most durable product on the market. Our weather and fire-resistant material assures you the least amount of updating for your new railing. As opposed to wood, which requires frequent staining and treatment, our selection of materials requires little attention to stay clean, crisp and sturdy for 10-15 years even in the toughest Florida weather.


Light the way

Aside from keeping our guests safe, outdoor railings are also a great opportunity to add lighting to your walkways without wasting valuable space. Once installed, a simple addition of LED lights neatly tucked away underneath your railing may be just what you need to brighten up dark and potentially dangerous stairways and walkways, providing helpful guidance for you and your guests. People are also finding that LED lighting is an energy efficient and cost effective way to light up their patio or garden. Adding light directly to your patio can save valuable space in your landscaping while helping to avoid preventable trip and fall accidents at the same time.


At Moreno & Moreno, we proudly specialize in the installation of railings for both new constructions and existing homes in Central Florida. Make your next project a practical one, that will both brighten your home, and help to make it safer. Browse through our work samples and find the perfect fit for your home. Contact us to book your free estimate now!