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Screens 101: What is Right For Your Home?

Learn more about the different types of screens available for your home, and how choosing the right one can make all the difference


As well as gutters, railings and siding, at Moreno & Moreno we offer top quality screen enclosure services. Whether it’s a sunny day or a starlit night, with a screen enclosure you will be able to enjoy the outside without any of nature’s pests. A quality screen can make your personal paradise better than you ever imagined. So which type of screen is right for your home?


  • A basic screen is what you would imagine your typical screen would look like. It’s very breathable and will keep most things outside of it. A basic screen can be made of Phifer 18/14, Phifer 20/20, or artisan wire. Each lasts between 3 and 8 years depending on the wear and tear it receives.


  • If you want a little more luxury and protection, upgrading to a specialty screen could be the choice for you. A specialty screen is made of fiberglass, which is designed to last longer and is also noncombustible so you can BBQ at ease.


What types of screens do Moreno & Moreno offer?

Moreno & Moreno offer basic and specialty screens for your patio or pool enclosure. The frame used to hold down the screen is an aluminum frame, which requires no maintenance and will not deteriorate over time. Additionally all of our screen enclosures are 100% covered under homeowners insurance.


The advantages/disadvantages of each type

Basic screens are made out of phifer or artisan wire, and are able to keep nature’s pests out while also protecting you from any debris that could fly into your backyard. Installing one also extends the life of pool equipment, and allows you to use your pool for a much longer time. But with advantages also comes disadvantages. Since basic screens are made of less durable material, they will deteriorate faster. Additionally if you have a larger pet that enjoys running around, the screen may not be able to stand against your pet if they decide to run through it.

Specialty screens are made out of fiberglass, and while having most of the same advantages as a basic screen, they are additionally pet proof and they last much longer. The main disadvantage to specialty screens is that they can be costly. If you have a larger backyard, it is going to cost more to have a specialty screen installed.


What screen is best for my space?

If you have a smaller space, such as a patio or a stand alone hot tub, a basic screen will keep it covered. For larger areas, a specialty screen might be the way to go. The fiberglass will last much longer and you wouldn’t have to worry about it deteriorating in the treacherous Florida weather.


Moreno & Moreno has over 17 years of experience installing quality screen solutions.  We have fitted screens in all sorts of patios and pool areas, so you do not need to worry about looking elsewhere. We utilize only the best materials to give you a quality enclosure that will keep everything that you wish to be out, out. Contact us today for a quote.